mima's world

Mima will turn two in a just over a month. During the past year she has become more and more interested in taking photographs, especially on our mobile phones. I try to keep mine out of her sight but this isn't easy. My camera is full of photos she has taken, so I thought I would share some. Below is a peek at the world though Mimi's lens x

Dunedin : park

We recently visited Dunedin with our extended family. Mima's Dad grew up there but Mima and I had never been. While we were slightly restricted by naps we really enjoyed our short visit.
One highlight was a park Mima's Dad used to go to as a child, Marlow Park Playground in St Clair Dunedin.

It is a true retro gem! While they have adding new generic playgrounds the old playground still stands. Including snake swing, boot and dinosaur slides and a whale which in summer used to spurt water (not sure if it still does), all brilliant.

chocolate smoothie

We all enjoy this for breakfast!
The basis of this smoothie is from Dr Libby's Real Food Chef. I would also like to try using Maca powder instead of cocoa which I read abut on the Petite Kitchen blog.

mima + moo at bioattic

Hello, we are excited to show you all the 100% cotton macrame hangers Mima + Moo are doing exclusively for our friends at Bioattic at their new store at 26 Ponsonby Road.

Available in two sizes Large and Small, handmade in New Zealand.

Bioattic specialise in little world terrariums and a selection of cactus and orchids - the miniature orchids are our fave! And their Petalhead botanic beauty range which we are in love with.