cake stall two

Saturday was the Ponsonby Spring Market Day and our Playcentre, Freemans Bay, held a fabulous cake stall. Below are some pictures of the yummy creations that were sold.

fast boats

Like most people in New Zealand we have been watching the America's Cup, which Mima calls the 'fast boats'. Today was rainy and with nothing else to do we made fast boats and raced them in the bath. So easy just a cork with a tooth pick mast and paper sail (which Mima decorated) and the all important keel - made from a paper clip, coin (for weight) and duct tape to attach the coin.

cake stall

Freemans Bay Playcentre would like to invite you to our cake stall at the Spring Ponsonby Market Day!
Saturday, September 21, 10am - 3pm.
159 Ponsonby Road, Outside Tatty's Designer Recycle.
I have been busy this week painting the sign and writing all the ingredients cards for the delicious baking. We will have whole cakes and other baked goods (all peanut free and some vegan) for sale, YUM, YUM!
All proceeds going towards the purchase of new equipment for our centres tamariki.

birthday cakes

Mima turned two last week. All she wanted was birthday cake and for people to sing her 'Happy Birthday'. We decided not to have a party, instead her birthday was spread out over three days, so she had cake and the 'Happy Birthday' song about six times.
I made the simple and delicious banana chocolate cake by Petite Kitchen for the first three mini parties.
There is a lovely tradition in Mima's Dad's family that Nana makes a birthday cake for each grandchild on their birthday, so she did. A fantastically friendly cat face, which Mima loved.

I remember these fabulous children's birthday cakes from my childhood. One of my favorite memories is sitting down each year to choose THE cake from the Australian Woman's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book. Flicking through the pages and editing down my choice. I love that Mima will have the same memories.

I'm not sure if you can still buy the original version, there is a new one, I have to say I prefer the nostalgic original. 
Visually amazing and so easy this is an Australasian classic and still used today.

moo's present for mima : handpainted beads

Wow Mima just turned 2!
This year Moo wanted to make something special herself for Mima. I had a bunch of really nice wooden beads, so we decided to paint them and make a necklace. Moo chose the Neon Pink acrylic paint. 

She handpainted the beads and once dry threaded them onto cord with some big buttons and some shiny wooden beads we had.
Tip: To make threading easier for little hands, wrap some tape tightly around the end. 
Happy BIrthday Mima my little friend, love from Moo x.

around my house : eight

The ultimate dollhouse.

I have recently completed a little project I have been thinking about for years, miniature interiors. I am slightly obsessed with thinking about interior spaces. As a print designer I am always thinking about patterns for fabric and walls. 
Each image has a real object (blueberries, flower, thyme, acorn) which illustrates the scale of these models. I have created and designed everything else.
At the moment they are nice prints hanging in our lounge which I love to look at, I hope you do too x