meet our friend Jet

AGE: 7 months old
WHERE DO YOU LIVE AND WHO WITH: Omokoroa, Bay of Plenty with his mum Holly
FAVOURITE COLOUR: he is a bit too young yet, but I would say orange
FAVOURITE FOOD: fresh avocado
FAVORITE TOY: right now it is his ride-on bike
FAVOURITE PLACE: Jet's favourite place to be is outside and under the trees. Whether it be a walk with his stroller, or sitting on a blanket with toys.
FAVOURITE GAME TO PLAY: hand-held walking is his favourite activity. Add some peek-a-boo at the same time and he's week at the knees with laughter!
FAVOURITE OUTFIT: Jet's not a fan of getting dressed unfortunately, though any outfit topped off with sunglasses is very exciting for him! 

DIY : doll face purse

You will need:
felt - hair, skin and eyes
ribbon for strap
thread - edge of hair, black crosses on eyes, lips
sewing machine

1. Glue the bottom edge of the 'hair' felt piece to the top edge of the 'skin' felt piece.

2. Do a decorative running stitch along the join, this will also reenforce it.

3. On the front, stitch a small curve for the lips.
4. Glue on the two blue diamonds for eyes.

5. Stitch a black cross on each eye.

6. To attach the strap, lay the back flat then create a large loop with the ribbon, let the two ends overlap and run in opposite directions (these end will be the tie closer).

7. Stitch the strap in place.

8. Lay the front over the back and pin together. Sew up the sides and bottom edge.

tea with the queen

Hope you all had a lovely long Queen's BIrthday weekend. We spent ours relaxing and eating yummy food with friends. Oh and Moo went to see Disney on Ice with her Nana!

We had tea with the Queen.... hehe and scones with cream and homemade plum jam made by a friend's mum. The friend who just happens to share the Queen's actual birthday. Cheers.