a blankie or two for mima

While pregnant with Mima I knitted a small basket weave blanket. It was the first thing I made for Mima, I really wanted to make something special for her and this seemed perfect.
Basket weave looks impressive but is actually really simple, you just alternate between the two most basic knitting stitches knit and pearl.
I used a lovely soft bamboo yarn in a pale turquoise color.
When the blanket was completed it seemed awfully small and I wondered if it would only be used for a dolls bed. When she was first born we used it as a layer in her hammock, it was the perfect size for a new born. When she graduated to a cot I placed the blanket in with her as a familiar item to snuggle. At the time I had not idea what I was starting! Blankie is now the most important item in Mima's life. Which is so lovely to see. But this created a problem, how do I get Blankie away from her for a wash or worse, what if we lost it? Luckily I had some bamboo yarn left so I started knitting, I didn't have the same amount of yarn or time so Blankie II is a slightly different shape, more squat. Mima doesn't mind at all and loves both equally.