DIY : cloud mobile

Since we love clouds so much, I thought I would share the cloud mobile I made for Mima's room.
You will need:
Felt for cloud and raindrops, 2 of each (front and back)
Sewing scissors
Sewing machine
Embroidery thread for eyes and mouth
Thread to sew
Thread for hanging

Here is a template if you need it. You will need to print it A3.

1. First cut all your cloud and raindrop pieces. 

2. Use chalk to draw on the clouds face, then embroider the eyes and mouth.
3. Pin the two cloud pieces together, front and back, right sides facing out.

4. Sew and stuff.
5. Sew up the hole, I also did this using a sewing machine.

6. Repeat with each raindrop.
7. Lay out the cloud and raindrops on the floor.

8. Then connect each raindrop to the cloud using thread.
9. Hang and enjoy.