DIY Bat Wings

It's one week until Halloween and as always I'm endeavoring to make Moo a cool homemade costume. Step one is the Bat wings. 

What you'll need: 
1/2m black felt
1/2 black stiff fusing (optional but makes wings nice and firm)
1/2m satin lining
1m x 20mm black elastic
2 balloon sticks on boning would do
tailors chalk 

Measure child's arm-span to wrist, this will be how wide your wings will be. Fuse Felt if you are choosing do so. Fold felt in half and draw a quarter circle. Now draw your desired wing shape like pictured and cut out.
Fold satin in same method, but cut 2cm smaller around edge. Using your two sticks place at longest wing point. Stitch a 1.5cm tunnel (two rows of stitching 1.5cm apart) insert sticks and trim if needed.
Stitch the two layers together around edge with zigzag stitch.
Using your elastic make two straps that cross over the body mine were 44cm long. stitch in place above shoulders and either side of waist. Make two wrist straps 7cm long stitch in place. 

Fly little bat.

The rest will be reveled next week.