A few weeks ago we started to get our courtyard garden ready for summer. We are big fans of growing our own vegetables so this was our main focus. We brought a few seedlings and planted a few seeds, this will mean we will have vegetables ready at different times. Being slightly lazy I like to just use seeds that you can plant straight in the ground (parsley, greens etc), but this year Mima's Dad wanted to try some chilli and other seeds which need to be raised in pots. So I found a video for making newspaper seedling pots on you tube and got busy. 
While she recommends not using tape or staples to secure the origami pot, I found I needed to use a small piece of tape, I will remove this when I plant the seedling, pot and all!
I made eight pots which we then filled with soil, made holes and added the seeds, then labeled with popsicle sticks.

We left them in the bathroom (warm and humid), watering them regularly and now we have some seedlings to add to the garden.