DIY : peg santa

A few months ago I received a lovely email requesting detailed instructions for the peg Santa I posted an image of last Christmas.
I have tweaked him a little but here are instructions for everyone.
You will need:
the template - print at A4
a wooden peg
paint - red, black for his boots and blue for eyes
felt - red, white, black and grey
a loop of bakers twine for hanging
a hot glue gun
a large glass to sit them on while you work
1. Print template and cut out all the felt pieces.
2. Sit the pegs around the top of your glass. I always make more than one at a time.
3. Paint the red areas - body, legs and top of his head.
4. Paint the boots black.
5. Glue on his red felt cone shaped body. I place a dot of glue at the top front of his body then down one felt edge at the back, then overlay the other edge of the felt. I have noted where to put the glue on the template in red.
6. Add the white felt beard, hat and boot trims. When gluing the hat trim place the two ends of the bakers twine loop under the felt at the back of his head.
7. Glue on the black belt so the ends meet at the front of his belly.
8. Cover this join by gluing on the grey felt rectangle, his buckle.
9. Glue the white arm trim to the short flat edge of his arm, glue front then fold and glue in place to cover the back as well. Then place a dash of glue at the top curved end of the arm and attach to Santa's body.
10. Lastly add to dots of blue for the eyes.