first birthday party : two


I can't believe Mima turned one yesterday. The fastest most amazing and exhausting year of my life!

We had a lovely day, so I thought I would share some of it with you.

I read a lovely post on the blog che and fidel a little while ago, about buying birthday gifts for your children. She talked about in this age of excess being wary of giving them too much, which I totally agree with. She had this lovely rhyme which I will always use:
"... something I want, something I need, something to wear, something to read..."
Something I want - Drum from Trade Aidsomething to read - books from Peppin and Dorothy Bulter Children's Book Shopsomething to wear - butterfly wings and rosette card made by me. We didn't get her a something she needs as this year she didn't need anything.

It wouldn't be a birthday with out blowing out a candle! But what kind of cake do you give a one year old who hasn't had sugar before? I found this fantastic unbaked bakery a short drive from our house Little Bird Organics which has the most amazing, delicious, healthy treats on offer. We choose the berry chocolate brownie slice for Mima's birthday cake which she really enjoyed, she made lots of hmmm noises.

Happy Birthday Mima, you are our beautiful wee girl, we adore you, you have changed our lives forever and we love that xx