fourth birthday : one

THE INVITATION - Fairy garden party 

Moo asked for a Fairy Party this year. Our back garden is quite pretty but tiny so I thought it would be perfect for a little fairy garden party with just a handful of friends. I wanted to create invitations that feel a little magical when opened and like a taster of more of the party to come, so I came up with a tissue paper fan!

What you'll need:
pink tissue paper - 12cm x 25cm
white card - cut into 3cm x 21cm strips (I printed mine first with party details)
double sided tape
hole puncher 
small brown envelopes
confetti gold stars

1. tissue paper fold this in 12mm consantina.
2. fold in half and staple at this point. cut ends round to create scolloped edge.
3. fold card strip in half, double side tape tissue fan inside card.
4. tape the centre of tissue together.  
5. hole punch end and cut into point
6. tie string through hole. 
7. put invitations in the envelopes and give a good sprinkling of confetti.

When you guests open the invitation it will fold out into a cute little fan.