garden : one

I really love growing my own vegetables. 
We moved into our current house about a year ago and with Mima keeping me very busy, I haven't had time to organise our courtyard garden. But I plan to create an epic edible garden that will feed us year round. I have dabbled in growing vegetables in the past, but I am no expert!
We live in an unusual community, Freemans Park, lots of terraced houses and apartments built in the 1960s scattered throughout an established park only 15minutes walk from the city. So beyond our small courtyard (approx 6m x 4m) are the most amazing giant trees. It really is beautiful. 
That's right I only have 6m x 4m to create this edible paradise, so just a bit of a challenge. This spring / summer I want to experiment and get back into gardening. 
Recently I found an amazing edible gardening website POD Gardening, and spent an evening watching their tutorials, reading articles, looking at the inspirational POD gardens (like Selby in the garden) and checking out their seed catalogue, I can't recommend it enough!
So I made a planting plan for the courtyard, brought seeds from POD and seedlings from Weathersfield Organics.

It is much cheaper to grow from seed and some seeds you can plant straight in the ground. Having said this with a small garden I will only want one or two tomato plants so I brought these as seedlings. Below is a list of what I got:
Mesclun mix
Tom Thumb Lettuce
Carrot - Rainbow mixed
Marigold - petite mix
Tomato - Money Maker
Cherry Tomato