DIY ombre tulle skirt

This week we experimented with dip dyeing a tulle skirt for Moo. I like the look of ombre dyed fairy dresses and skirts you see in costume stores, but don't want to pay that much.

What you'll need:
Tulle skirt - I made Moo's out of two layers of pink tulle.
One tin of dye - I choose Bronze Rose (a reddy brown) Multipurpose dye from Dylon (which I have just discovered the tins are in discontinued)
Clip coat hanger, make sure it wider than you bucket.

Make up dye to packet instructions into bucket, filling with boiling water to desired amount you want it to come up from the bottom of your skirt (approx 12cm). Clip skirt on hanger and lower into bucket of dye balancing hanger on top edge and leave for an hour or so. Rinse in clean water and dry.

My ballerina!