hand dyed eggs - easter decorations

Last year we painted the easter eggs for the first time for a little easter tree, so this year I thought we'd try something different and dye them. I've found it impossible to find white shelled eggs anywhere, brown still work but the colours are less vibrant. Green and blue dye showed up best.

Hand dyeing easter eggs with Moo was really fun, and incredibly messy because someone wanted to dye their hands.... 

You'll need:
blown eggs, clean and dried - we used 6
string to tie your eggs up.
food colouring
white vinegar
white crayon

1. draw on eggs with white crayon. the dye doesn't stick to any area with crayon
2. put 1 teaspoon each of vinegar, food colouring and water into a glass. and dye. to get the ombre effect dip the bottom in the dye, then slowly add a little more water to each time you dip to get the lighter shades, drying between layers.
3. hang eggs to dry outside if possible as the dye drips...