DIY : ribbon wand

Ribbon wands- so good for indoor play on raining days and homemade birthday presents.

You'll Need:
10mm dowel 
25mm  ribbon
15mm split ring
Small ring screw
Washi tape

Cut your dowel into wand lengths using a little saw - the standard length from hardware store is 1.8m, which makes into 4 x 45cm wands.
Sand the ends so they are nice and smooth.
Screw your ring screw into one end of the dowel - the dowel is soft so this is very easy.
Decorate your wand if you wish - this time I have used some cute washi tape my friend gifted me from a recent trip to Japan. I have also dip painted wand or left plain.
Cut a 2.5m length of ribbon, fold in half and thread through your split ring, create a loop and stitch in place. 
We''re ready for play!