DIY : rainbow badge

This super simple badge is the perfect accessory for any little girl. Everyone I have made them for LOVES them.

You will need:
fimo - I choose to use four colours
badge back
grease proof paper
hot glue gun
rolling pin
a hard surface to work on, I used a plastic chopping board

1. First place one colour of the fimo between grease proof paper and roll into a snake, repeat for each colour.

2. Starting with the darkest colour create a narrow arch, then working darkest to lightest place the other coloured fimo snakes around the outside of this arch to create a rainbow.

3. Cover with grease proof paper and gently roll with the rolling pin.
4. Then using a knife cut the uneven ends off.
5. Bake using manufacturers instructions to harden.

6. Finally hot glue gun the badge in place on the back of the rainbow.