DIY feather headdress

for Moo and her tribe of mischief mates...

DIY Feather Headdress 

You'll need:
Large white feathers x5
Assortment of small coloured feathers 8 -12
Buttons and sequins - whatever else you feel like decorating with
25mm wide x 90cm long ribbon or grosgrain tape
15mm wide x 30cm long ribbon or grosgrain tape
Needle and thread
Craft glue
Sewing machine

Fold your 25mm ribbon in half to find the centre front for your headdress.
Place the white feather evenly along 15cm in the centre of your 25mm ribbon, stick down with a little craft glue. 
Place coloured feather over the white ones  extending out to the sides a further 5cm, stick down with craft glue.
Place 15mm ribbon over the top of the feathers, fold raw ends under 5mm and stick in place. Stitch over the top of this ribbon to secure all the feathers. 
Now decorate by glueing on your buttons and sequins. You may want to hand stitch these to make them less likely to fall off. 
Keep the ribbon ends long to tie up behind your head.