It is getting towards the end of my current veg growing season in the garden. So I thought I would up date you on what has happened.
It was a long dry summer and we had mixed success. 
The positives were the greens and herbs (I can't recommend growing these enough!), tomatoes especially the cherry ones which Mima ate straight off the plant and carrots. 
I was so excited to pull up these rainbow carrots the other day. 

I have never grown carrots before, but decided to give them ago and grew them from seed. Mima helped water and harvest the carrots, the process gave Miffy's Garden, which is about growing carrots, a new importance, this weeks favourite book. 

We used them to make the Petite Kitchen lamb shanks stew totally delicious!

The disasters were courgettes, sadly our plant got powdery mildew and gave it to our corn. Check out the POD gardening page if you are interested in knowing more.
Over winter we will continue to grow herbs and greens. So far I have planted seedlings (kale, spinach, swiss chard, parsley) but will add some seeds in the next week or two.