spring daffidols

Over the last few months Moo and I have been frequenting the Leys Institute Ponsonby Library every other week. It has a great children's section and is walking distance from where we live so it's a nice way to spend the morning. 

Moo has her own membership card to the Auckland libraries. It's really good if you are going to get kids their own card rather then using yours as the more kids with memberships, more funding gets allocated for purchasing new children's books.
"That's not a daffodil!' by Elizabeth Honey is a lovely story about a little boy who is given a daffodil bulb and the discovery involved with waiting for it grow. 
We were inspired to grow our daffodils. We brought the bulbs from the Ponsonby Plant Centre which is local independently owned garden store, the owner is so helpful too for a beginner like me.
The daffodil's have  bloomed just in time for Daffodil Day, perfect!