a summer feast

Over the holidays we spent a few warm evenings in our courtyard feasting with friends. We have an old door which we found years ago in an inorganic collection for a table top, we bring our dining chairs out, sit amongst the vegetable garden and look out at the giant trees in the park beyond, I love it, it is so idyllic.
I thought I would share with you the highlights of what we feasted on...
Over the past couple of months I have been following and trying recipes from the blog Petite Kitchen. I am a big fan. I have made a lot of the sweet treats or my variation on them with much success. In particular I have used the honey, almond and vanilla cake as a base to made little cupcakes for Mima, I don't do the topping but add berries to the mix, she loves them.
So I wanted to try some more recipes...
To start we had the chill, oregano and orange zest baked ricotta with the flaxseed crackers.

For our main we had the pork belly with salad, an asian slaw was a particularly good match.
Vanilla and lemon cream pie topped with blackcurrants was the desert, although I used fresh blueberries instead, it was delicious, Mima enjoyed it too.

And to drink Wrights organic Champagne with a dash of cherry and pomegranate six barrel soda syrup and selection of craft beers from Brothers Beer.
Good times!