block printing

As a fabric designer I actually don't do any printing as part of my work but I am very interested in the process of making marks on cloth and recently have been experimenting with this. Below is one such experiment which is so simple any one could try it at home!

You will need:
garment - I used a denim jacket
fabric paint - I used white

1. Lay your garment flat and place the plastic inside, this will stop the paint soaking through to the other side.
2. I like to put the paint on a sponge then dab the sponge with my cork, this creates a nice even coverage of paint on the cork.

3. Firmly press the cork onto the garment to print the dot. 

4. I printed the front arms, body and collar first, waited for this to touch dry then I print in the same order on the back.
5. Follow manufacturers instructions for drying and setting the paint.