rainbow connection : four

A rainbow pillow case for the sweetest dreams. 
I made a couple of these pillow cases for two of Mima's friends, one was the rainbow obsessed Moo.

fabric paints - I mixed my own rainbow colors from blue, yellow, red and white
paint brush - I used a thick flat brush
plastic spoons and a surface for mixing the paints - I used baking paper
A3 piece of cardboard - to put inside the pillowcase
plastic cup - of water
a cloth - for drying the cleaned brushes
iron to make paint color fast depending on manufacturers instructions

1. Wash, dry and iron pillowcase before you start to remove any manufacturers dressings.
2. Pace the card board inside the pillow case this is to stop the paint going through to the other side.
3. I found it useful to do a mock up on a sheet of A3 paper with the paint brush I intended to use.

4. Start in the middle and do the smallest curve first. This is the purple curve. First mix your purple, then paint it.
Make sure you clean the brush well in water and pat it dry with the cloth.

5. Then repeat the last step with each color to create your rainbow, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink, working from the smallest curve to the largest.

6. Then follow the manufacturers instructions to set the paint. Mine was to dry for 12 hours then iron with a cloth placed between the painting and the iron.