around my house : five


Over our dining table we have a very interesting light fitting, Tolomeo Off Center Suspension Light. It was designed in the 1980's by an Italian designer Michele De Lucchi. We inherated it when we brought our house. I really love it even though it isn't something I would choose, and it's movability is so useful. However I didn't like the light shade on it. When we first moved in I covered it, but not very well, I then stared the hunt to find something else. I didn't have much luck, everything I liked had to be wired in. Then I remembered Australian DIY designer Tamara Maynes Quilt Light
For $20 I downloaded her easy to use instructions. I customised the shade to work for us. My first attempt wasn't quite right, I wanted everything to line up. So I made a second, this was the one!
She suggests using alsorts of materials to make it including leather and heavy felt, both of which I really love the idea of and may try in the future. But for now used cardboard and painted it.

We are happy.