DIY : pencil holder

I have been making these pencil holders for years. They are so easy, cheap and I love the recycled aspect of them too. You can really personalise them with the artwork you use, over the years I have tried drawings, photographs, patterns, its really up to you.

You will need:
tin can, empty, clean, with one end removed and the edge smoothed
artwork to cover can 
double sided tape
decorative washi tape

1. Measure the height (if your can has a lip, do not include this in the measurement) and circumference of your can, add 2cm to the circumference and this is the size the artwork needs to be. Cut it out.

2. On the back of the artwork, place double sided tape along both of the short edges.

3. Remove the tape from one of these edges and attach the artwork to the can.

4. Firmly roll the artwork around the can and use the double sided tape to attach the other end.
5. Place half the width of the washi tape at the top of the can, stick it on around the circumference of the can. Then fold the other half down and stick it to the inside of the can.