As a print designer I am really interested in the process of printing. Over the summer I have been experimenting with block and stencil printing. I had some nice natural linen fabric which I used to print on.
I made triangle printing blocks from wine corks with thick cardboard cutouts stuck on the end. They only lasted one printing session. It was useful to put the ink on a sponge then dab the printing block on the sponge to ink it up.

Clear plastic sheets are perfect for stencils, you can wash them and reuse them. The ink was applied with a sponge.

I also screen printed some animals. Below are all my experiments.

What to do with all these swatches????? My lovely friend Annemaree has just started her own business anne & peg. So I decided to comission her to create large pillows with the swatches for our bed. Which she did beautifully.

Thanks anne & peg x