christmas : four

We managed to find a little two foot Christmas tree which is perfect for our little house, on our way to the beach for our first swim for this summer. They told me they've been trimmed back to stay small but that's how they achieve the fullness too. I like how it looks fluffy.

So the next decorations we made these 3D Paper stars, I used pretty origami paper for the smaller ones and white craft card for large star at the top of the tree, which Moo helped handpaint long with the other decorations. We used the paper butterflies you may have seen on my previous post and the little stars from yesterday. Can you spot the peg doll fairy Louise gifted me for my first Christmas tree a couple of years back?

For these stars you'll need: origami paper 15cm x 15cm, scissors, hot glue gun and fishing line or string.

Cut your paper into four smaller squares 7.5cm x 7.5cm. Right side together fold in half and, and half again. Wrong side together fold in half to to create triangle, and then half again for the opposing triangle.
Your square will look like this (above). Along your diagonal lines cut in 12mm. Fold in to create points of the star. Overlap the folded edges and glue together.

Create two identical stars, stick them together with the hot glue gun. Attach a loop of string so you can hang it on your tree.