christmas : two


Each year it is my job to make the Christmas pudding for our family get together. I'm not a fan of Pavlova so this suits me perfectly. I use Nigel Slater's gorgeous recipe from The Kitchen Diaries. It is so perfect I don't change anything so I won't post the recipe you can get his fabulous book for the measurements and details.

First I cut up all the fruit, there is a lot and a wide variety, its Christmas so why skimp! Then I soak the fruit in brandy over night.

I add the rest of the ingredients, one of these ingredients is suet, instead, I freeze the amount of butter I need then grate it. Then I spoon the mixture into my greased pudding basin. My basin was my grandmothers, so you really don't need a new one, I would just buy one second hand if there aren't any hidden away in a relatives attic. Cover the mixture with a greased and pleated (to allow for the mixture to rise) piece of grease proof paper and pop on the lid. Steam for three and a half hours.

Now we are ready to reheat on Christmas day, YUM!