paper butterflies

I made these DIY butterflies as cake toppers for Moo's birthday cake last week. They were so effective, and virtually free to make. So here's how I did them.

What you'll need:
black and white images of butterflies x 2 copies 
craft wire
glue gun

1. Paint the butterflies in the colours you want, making the two layers the same leave to dry.
2. Cut out and pair matching butterflies
3. With your craft wire cut a piece 30cm long
4. Make a small loop to fit your butterfly wing size leaving a long tail about 15cm 
5. Twist and make a second loop, twist leftover length around tail
6. Glue your wire loops onto the backside of your top layer butterfly, in spots to attach the wings
7. Glue a large dot in the centre and place bottom layer butterfly attaching at the centre only, press with your finger.You can bend the top layer wings up to make it look like the butterfly wings flutter.

I think these will be going on our christmas tree!