christmas : three

I've only started doing my own Christmas tree recently since having Moo, actually this is only my second ever as we've had to move house twice in December in the last few years. Anyway I have decided that homemade decorations is the way to go. I like that I don't have to spend any money except for the purchase of the tree as I tones of paper and craft supplies already, and each year I get to make a whole new colour theme. This year is stars and butterflies in summery colours - white, yellow, pink, orange.


For these stars you will need: paper cut into 2cm strips - patterned paper or paints to decorate plain paper and yarn to thread stars together.

Make a knot with you paper strip, flatten and tuck the short end up. Fold the strip around continuing to create a pentagon shape.

Keep folding until get to the end of you paper strip, tuck the end under the triangle closest. 
Using your thumb nail make an indentation to shape the sides of the star like shown.
Decorate and string together using a needle and yarn.